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Help us preserve the work of Donald Krieger. Please send any materials relating to his work–photos, video, or anything that can be scanned to

If you worked with Donald on any of his pieces please also feel free to send your stories and we will post them to the blog.


3 Responses to The Archives

  1. Janis McCarthy says:

    tonight a month ago, Donald flew away from us. we miss you, baby.

  2. meme estes says:

    donnie, you were so much a part of my life, for so long…
    I remember P.O.P, the film parties you had, the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo @ UCI in 1972, driving to Laguna through the canyon and hearing frogs croaking all the way, putting our sleeping bags on ant hills in the Valley of Fire, searching, searching all over Brawley for Historical Marker #134, Friday nights drinking gin & tonics with my parents and listening to Big Band music, our trip to NYC, driving to SF and the onion rings you ordered at River’s End, all the wonderful books, cards, paintings you made for me over the years, the parties, the openings, the good times and the not so good times. I remember them all. You are still here.

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