Still in our thoughts…

Here are several more posts from Donald’s facebook wall:

I love you, Donald! I loved your black scabiosas (aka; ace of spades) you planted a few years back. I’m going to plant some in your honor. Please help me raise them right! Big hugs! xxox — Mason Jar

you don’t miss your water till your well runs dry. Sorely missed, fondly remembered. — Kelly Hungerford

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Recent Work 2006-2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “A Retrospective“, posted with vodpod
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Celebration of Donald Krieger’s LIFE. Saturday, June 19, 6:00 p.m., Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.

More info to come, please start spreading the word…

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Forever in our Hearts…

More thoughts left on Donald’s facebook page:

Strolling the hills overlooking the shore
I realized I’d been here before
The shadow in the mist could have been anyone
I saw you
coming back to me.

Thank you, Donald. –Michael Mallot Bickford

You’re in my thoughts. enjoy your new journey. you were loved by so many and we’ll meet again. xoxo — Rachel Su

Donald, your life, your art, your genius, will always be remembered. Shine forward my dear friend, your spirit is free. Maybe there is no death, it’s all part of the journey–Elena Lobito

Donald, You were a generous loving creative fun gentleman and a great friend. You taught me so much in the short time we knew one another and I will never forget you, your laugh, your art, your passions and how you called me ‘darling’. I am so blessed to have known you – you will be in my heart always— Sarah Bull

Dream talk on the porch
You always had time for me
Night blooming jasmine
–Louise Henry

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Dear big brother,

I am not ready. I am not ready to stand alone on the world’s edge without my darling brother Donald. I am not ready not to have brunch with him at Victor’s, where I am always late and he is  always rolling his eyes. I am not ready not to go to the Hollywood Bowl with him and Carl and Tim this summer. I am not ready to not hear his voice on the phone. I am not ready to not see him at Landis at his desk. I am not ready to not see him at art openings and say with great pride, “this is my big brother” to any who will hear. Donald, I am just not ready.  When can I be ready?  Donald, I am just really not ready.

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Coming to terms? Not anytime soon but maybe that’s okay

This is the Celtic tree of life and the image that I’ve been keeping in my head ever since I learned of my beloved uncle’s passing as I strive desperately to achieve some sort of serenity.

Three years and some odd days ago, he was meeting me at the Foggy Bottom metro stop in DC en route to my graduation from GWU… Forty days ago, almost to the hour, I was doing the twist with him at my wedding…

In five days, I’ll be walking across the stage to receive my MA diploma from NYU… Six days later my husband and I will be moving across country to CA– I’m moving back home for the first time in 7 years and I can’t believe he won’t be there to greet me. I can’t believe I won’t be sharing pictures of my graduation with him. I can’t believe he won’t be there to laugh at my scrap-booking skills as I try to put my wedding photos into some semblance of order this summer. I can’t believe he will never meet Luna and Tonks (our little Inkys)… I can’t believe he won’t be visiting me up at UC Santa Cruz– we won’t get to talk long walks through the sequoias and I won’t get to hear funny stories about Santa Cruz “back in the day”… I can’t believe he won’t be there to hold my first child… to attend my PhD graduation and laugh at all the academic regalia…

Yet I also know that he will be there… every single step of the way… in spirit. That’s why I like to think of the celtic tree of life. My uncle lived his life with passion and love and these qualities live on regardless– they are eternal. The celtic tree of life has a dynamic quality to it that brings me hope and in my opinion most resembles my Uncle’s spirit. I know that one whatever plane he occupies he will never be one to sit on a cloud and strum a harp :-p He will be doing something to enrich the lives of others, to give back, to challenge whatever “givens” there are on that plane…

Pondering these thoughts helps me to get through those tough moments when it suddenly dawns on me that he’s physically gone. He may be gone from my seen world but he is ever present in the unseen.

All the same, I miss him like crazy and still cannot deal with life without him– but that too, I think, is okay. It’s part of the process–(another part of the celtic tree of life that I enjoy– the twists and turns of the knots– there are no straight lines)– and somehow I know that I’m– and all of us– are going to be okay… he’s going to make sure we are.


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Continued Thoughts…

Here are the latest thoughts posted by friends and family on Donald’s facebook page:

Donald. An elegant soul. Music, art, words, humor, friendship – you shared your thoughts and your kindness with equal, enormous generosity. I feel such a deep, deep sorrow. I miss you terribly. Comfort and condolences to all who knew and loved you–Lynn Robb

Brave, beautiful, funny, smart, open. I met Donald at Cal Arts in 1976, he was talking about art and science, Tesla(who?) and doing just weird wonderful stuff. He babysat my daughter Maura, everyone bonded with Donald. He made a difference–Marc Pally

So sorry to see you have to go ♥— Tina Sills

Donald, you’ve always been in my heart, continually, since I met you in high school. I can’t believe you are gone.— Dan Gunning

I’m shocked and dismayed. I have an email from Donald saying he’s under the weather (April 23rd) he’ll write soon about ideas for our next Corita extravaganza. I had barely scratched the surface in getting to know Donald’s huge array of gifts and talents, surprising stories and experiences — I am so grateful to have known him and to have shared the Corita connection, but I feel really cheated out of what looked like it was going to be a long and fulfilling friendship. I hope he and Corita are yukking it up right now, as irreverently as possible. I am so sorry for everyone’s loss, I wish we’d had more time. Love, Sasha –Sasha Carrera

The years I spent with Donald were as sublime as it gets. We adored each other in ways that I know I will never feel again. It was a long time ago, but that time is what still makes me open to the world, creative, giving, caring. Donald changed me into the man I am. I am not sure he knew that. But I certainly do. Thanks oh thanks my sweet sweet Donald…..–David Schweizer

One of the best things about this planet left when Donald passed… I am devastated and my family will be as well… God Bless, Carl… –John Egan

When I first met Donald I thought he was a student at Otis. Came to find out he was my teacher of art history and was thrilled to have such a with-it professor. I wish he were here to hear me say this. He was a great teacher and a lovely person. Donald, you will be missed –Barbie Insua

From as children then to and so far beyond, you one of the most enlivening persons I ever knew, and among the very most beneficial infulences in my life. I miss you, bless you, wish to be more like you, and thank you for living your life so true. — John A Brand Jr.

Donald, tell me it is a dream. None of it happened. I’ll see you soon at an opening, and you’ll say something funny and Carl will smile that loving smile and everyone will feel that the earth is in right orbit for just a moment. That is the sort of gift you have, of making it all right. there’s a whole lot of us folks who are not at all willing to accept this. May your next journey be as adventurous. You will be missed. –Rebecca Niederlander

Travel well and with love my friend, the terrestial plane has lost a truly special soul. — Laurel Beckman

Good to see all your faces and read your appreciations of DK. I don’t have much else to say. It’s is impossible for me to accept the fact that he is gone. xo,w — Weba Garretson

Donald, I am so very sad to hear of your passing. Much love is being sent your way. Rest in peace. — Pat Gomez

You were a very sweet, kind and sensitive soul and a fine artist. But gone too soon ! Enjoy the other side. — Jean-Pierre Boccara

You changed our lives forever, thinking of you always with love and gratitude. — Jane Cantillon

Oh Donald! You’ve left us too soon – your warm and loving presence will stay with us all until we too join with you on the other side. I’m heartbroken. — Aaron Paley

I am so sad to hear of Donald’s passing. He was a genuinely “good guy.” Always a pleasure to see him. I have crossed paths with him in so many places since the times at Cal Arts. Much love. Robin Mitchell

Donald, wishing you love and comfort on your next journey skipping the light fantastic. One of my favorite memories is with you in your studio looking at your mini sculptures and perusing your sixties poster collections. You are loved and you are missed. xxox — Mason Jar

A beautiful man and a wonderful artist. I just know he’s already making trouble somewhere else! Much love. — Kristian Hoffman

This is heartbreaking. Donald recently popped back into our lives via his gallery installations at the State Farm office on Larchmont Blvd of all places. It was brilliant. I wondered why the walls were blank again. Thinking of you… — Sarah Folger

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