Donald Krieger touched and continues to touch so many lives. Please use this space to introduce yourself and how you knew Donald.


2 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Rob Sullivan says:

    I just found out Donald died from my old time pal, Roy Johns of The Mums. Makes me very sad. He was very sweet, very talented. Framed, just to the left of my desk, is a beautiful poster Donald did for a show we did — Mumfukle or A Small Goat in Crete. I also lived next door to him on Western in 1979-80. Seeing that photo of his studio made me very nostalgic. His paintings, which I had never seen before, are gorgeous!
    Farewell, Donald. Sweet voyage.

  2. Dave Wickert says:

    Thank you for making this site. I met Don at a Summer camp in Big Bear ’67. Continued to see him around Fullerton for 4-5 years after that, then lost track. Just two red headed kids. A very special guy. Good memories.

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