Preserving the Legacy

Dear friends,
It was wonderful to meet so many of you last night at the celebration of my Uncle’s full yet all too short life. I keep trying to type a sentence to describe my feelings more in depth but I find myself unable to string the words together in any coherent pattern because the time was so incredibly profound– a sentence feels to constraining.

Suffice it to say that it was truly an honor to be in that room last night and witness the way in which Donald touched (and continues to touch) so many lives.

I would like to document as many stories as possible from Donald’s life through this blog. I am also going to be working to post the scripts from his performance art pieces as well as other pieces of his art.

The beauty of this blog as opposed to facebook is that everything we share here about Donald becomes available via google search worldwide. For me at least, I feel that having been blessed with the extraordinary opportunity of personally knowing him, I feel a sense of obligation to share his legacy with others.

Please email me your stories (I will compose them into blog posts), pictures, and any other media (videos of performance art pieces would be AWESOME!) to

❤ Suzie


About suziemcc

Social Media Strategist, Adjunct Instructor at NYU, all around data analytics geek
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