Donald: Brother, Uncle, Companion, Friend … Our lives are richer for having known you

Dear friends and family,

I know that you like myself are shocked at the sudden passing of Donald Krieger and I am sure that you too share the numbness of disbelief, the deep pain of grief, and the regret of things left unsaid. I invite you to this space to share your thoughts and favorite memories of Donald.

One of my favorite memories occurred when I was probably 11 or 12. We were in Oklahoma to visit my grandpa (his father) who was in declining health. I was a total chatterbox and somehow Uncle Donald got me started on the history of my cats– a very long and sordid tale :-p (or tail…) I remember talking his ear off from the time we were at the hospital to the time we were at home sitting in my step-grandma’s living room. The best thing was that he was listening very intently, encouraging me to supply further details and praising my storytelling skills. I was so used to being brushed off during one of my long-winded stories but he made it clear that he had all the time in the world for me and that whatever I had to say was the most important thing going on at that moment. He is the most kind and caring person I’ve ever met. I know he’s with me in spirit but it’s going to take me a long time to get over the fact that he’s no longer here in body. I’m moving back to CA after 7 years of living away and I was so excited to spend more time with him and Carl…. I miss you Uncle Donald…


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13 Responses to Donald: Brother, Uncle, Companion, Friend … Our lives are richer for having known you

  1. Janis McCarthy says:

    Donald always protected me, his little sister. All my life, Donald was there in the background always. My earliest memory is as a very small baby-something frightening was happening-I have no clue what-and 3 year old Donald was sitting by me, covering me in all meanings of the word. He is the best brother ever. I’m just not ready for him not to be there.

  2. Rick Potts says:

    Well, I’m stunned. You are a charming man that I’m glad to have known. So long, pal.

  3. Nicole Panter says:

    This is such sad news. My love and condolences to Donald’s family and especially to his partner Carl.
    Nicole Panter

  4. Patrick Seeholzer says:

    I am so much the better for the glimpses of your incredible mind and soul. What a gift you were to all who were lucky enough to cross your path.
    Curious to see what you and Tesla cook up on the other side.

    • suziemcc says:

      as am I. Serbia is one of my case studies in my work and last summer, at his insistence, I visited the Tesla museum in Belgrade. Definitely kindred spirits in many ways

  5. Kristeen Stolo says:

    I am Carl’s niece and I got to know Donald at the family functions. I’ll miss him cooking in my mom’s kitchen for holiday dinners. I know how happy he made my Uncle and I’m grateful they found each other. His passing was so sudden. I hope that he finds peace and I know that he will live on in the many hearts he has touched. He will be in my heart, always.

    Shoot, I think I put this in the wrong section, I think Donald would find that funny, especially from me. I can hear him laughing now….

    [edit: This was originally in the About section]

  6. J. Scott Hardman says:

    Donald and I both attended Cal Arts, though his was a different era and we did not meet until many years later, through Carl. He was so smart and was easy to talk with about anything! This was made all the more easy by his generous spirit, his love of people. He cared so much about so many of the things that I love and it’s rare, really. I can find someone who loves music like that here, someone who loves art over here, but Donald and I connected on so many esoteric topics of conversation that we are passionate about that I simply took for granted that this would always be here, that he would always be here. I know that so many people loved him, and knowing Donald I’m sure he had this kind of connection with each one. This loss is such a shock, and I am so saddened. The world has lost someone truly special. Donald, you will be deeply missed.

  7. Lynda Weinman says:

    Donald, you will be missed so much. I will always remember your friendship, humor, creativity, honesty and artistry. I am lucky to have so many wonderful memories of our time together and hope to play again together on the other side. Love you always – Lynda

  8. I worked with Donald as a teacher. How great he was. Smart, mischievous, irreverent, passionate, funny and well versed in all manner of the arcane. He was all – what if? and can do! He cared, and loved art, and I loved him for it.
    My very deepest sympathies to you Carl….

  9. Tim McCarthy says:

    here it is….four days later….and i am still stunned. stunned.
    donald is kind, fun-loving, friendly.
    donald is intelligent and insightful, knowledgeable on so many subjects.
    donald is warm and affectionate, donald is very loving.
    he flew across the country to attend my daughter’s, his niece’s, suzie’s, graduation….and O what Fun he Is!
    he flew across the country to attend my daughter’s, his niece’s, suzie’s wedding just six weeks ago………..just six weeks ago…….i’m stunned.
    how he made it a richer time for us all!

    thinking of you carl

  10. annie botz jewell simjee says:

    Helen and I send our thoughts to Carl and and Jan. Lucky Donald was a part of our outrageous youth with Donald and to have reconnected with him recently at art opening and facebook. Donald lived and breathed art with his whole being. We will never forget the good times. Love to the other posts including our old high school buds.

  11. Jaeger Smith says:

    Having nothing but GOOD memories after twenty-plus years of friendship is the greatest testament to who you are my dear, beloved friend — making margaritas in the Pepto-Bismol pink kitchen… collaborating on projects during our years at Otis… listening in equal amazement to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan… visiting ‘my old house’ and delighting in it’s transformation at your hands over the years… sharing ghost stories from Russell Street… being covered in ink with you while silkscreening t-shirts… seeing you in the audience from the stage at my concerts… reveling in your talent and brilliance at your openings… sharing stories from the old neighborhood… your great success with High Strangeness… exploring wild ice cream concoctions at Scoops…
    Today I’m wearing the shirt that we silk-screened together, text written in Pali, words of the Buddha that will always remind me of you… ‘make of yourself a light’.

  12. Nina Salerno says:

    I will miss your joy/love of life and art.

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