Gone But Not At All Forgotten

It’s been four years but it still feels like only yesterday. 


I miss you.

 Please take a moment to visit the gallery of my Uncle’s work and photo album






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One Year Later…

It’s been a year since our physical world lost an amazing human being.
Judging from the facebook comments on his profile I know I am not alone to say that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t remember him in some way.

For those of you who are just now finding out about my uncle’s passing please take a moment to browse this blog we set up last year to remember Donald, friend, mentor, brother, uncle, partner, coworker and so much more.

As we did last year, please use the comment section of the blog to share your memories and thoughts.


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Preserving the Legacy

Dear friends,
It was wonderful to meet so many of you last night at the celebration of my Uncle’s full yet all too short life. I keep trying to type a sentence to describe my feelings more in depth but I find myself unable to string the words together in any coherent pattern because the time was so incredibly profound– a sentence feels to constraining.

Suffice it to say that it was truly an honor to be in that room last night and witness the way in which Donald touched (and continues to touch) so many lives.

I would like to document as many stories as possible from Donald’s life through this blog. I am also going to be working to post the scripts from his performance art pieces as well as other pieces of his art.

The beauty of this blog as opposed to facebook is that everything we share here about Donald becomes available via google search worldwide. For me at least, I feel that having been blessed with the extraordinary opportunity of personally knowing him, I feel a sense of obligation to share his legacy with others.

Please email me your stories (I will compose them into blog posts), pictures, and any other media (videos of performance art pieces would be AWESOME!) to suzie.mcc@gmail.com

❤ Suzie

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Celebration of Donald Krieger’s Life: Saturday, June 19, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

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Celebrating an Amazing Life: Happy Birthday

These are some of the birthday greetings posted on Donald’s facebook wall:

“Oh Donald… How you are missed. Happy happy. Sending lotsa love and light your way xx” –Tatjana Lenders

“Tanti Auguri!!!!” –Amos Poe

“Happy birthday Donald. I send my wishes up” –Allison Martin

“Happy birthday Donald or Frank the way my girls like to call you” –Gina Lawson Egan

“Thinking of you today and missing you”– Jeff White

“Happy happy birthday! I bet you’re having a crazy cosmic party today” –Jenn Bookout

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Happy Birthday Baby! Love, Carl

I asked Carl to share some thoughts in honor of Donald’s birthday.

“Favorite birthday memory (at least for now because there were so many). You were turning 40. I decided we needed to take a driving trip on I-40 to celebrate in our Volvo wagon (you said it was our first grown-up car). We detoured to Walpi. You bought a bad piece of pottery from a beautiful elder woman. I ate chili chips and watched you cross that magical bridge. Happy Birthday baby. Love you always, your B.D.”– Carl

Please feel free to comment on this post with your own memories.

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Obituary of our beloved Donald-June 6, 1952-May 3, 2010

Donald Krieger passed away peacefully on May 3, 2010 after a short illness. Throughout his life and at the time of his passing, Donald was surrounded by love. He was 57 years old.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in southern California, he called Los Angeles home. Donald received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UC Irvine in 1976 and his Master of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts in 1978. He began an eclectic career in art with seminal performance pieces known for their originality, innovative use of media and anthropological subject matter. “The Story of Aviation”, “All Electric”, “The Tesla Project” and “Boy’s Life”, to name a few, established Donald as an important voice in the Los Angeles performance art community. Also recognized for his installation pieces, paintings and drawings in his later career, Donald created a one-man show based on the work of Thomas Edison at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in 1995. He continued to explore science and nature in his art and writings.

Donald taught graphic design at Otis College of Art and Design until 2002. He was greatly loved by his students for his compassion and intellectual curiosity. He continued his graphic design career and at the time of his death was establishing himself as an arts curator.

His thoughtful and insightful conversations will be missed by all, along with his laughter, gardening expertise and tireless spirit of intellectual pursuit. He will be forever in the hearts and minds of his loving life partner of 22 years Carl Smith, sister Janis McCarthy and husband Tim, niece Susanna McCarthy and her husband Alec Knight, and the many that were privileged to call him friend.

There will be a celebration of Donald’s life at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, California on Saturday, June 19 at 6:00 p.m.

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